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Counter-Strike 1.6 Server Boost

Publish and advertise your counter-strike server at the best price and become a successful server owner. If your servers have always been struggling with the number of players, there is no need to worry anymore, as this boosting service will surely increase the player count. Before the fun begins in Counter-Strike, you have to choose a server, and there is no other to get into the game world.

In the start, hundreds of servers were available in Counter-strike, but the number went down with them. Still, various big servers are available. Becoming a server owner is also very easy. You have to select the game mode, map, time, score limit, player maximum, minimum limit, etc. Your server will be ranked in the game’s server section list according to the number of players who are playing on it.

After a server owners pay for the CS 1.6 server boost buy, the advertiser shows counter-strike players ads of their server. The position of the ad is decided according to the price of the ad, and your server will enjoy more players if you pay a handsome amount.

Reasons to opt for Counter-Strike 1.6 Boost Server Buy

The amount of traffic that the CS 1.6 server boost buy provides you with can’t be achieved by any other methods unless you want to spend any money. As soon as you follow the steps mentioned below, the boosting service will start, and you will soon see a hike in the number of players on your server. The only problem is finding a good boosting service provider because many providers make big claims but can’t deliver the order on time. We have a previous record of delivering what we promised.

Players will kill more enemies on your server as active players will join a game. Avoid using unnecessary plugins that kick players, or the ranking of your server will drop because some players will be kicked out. Focus on the ping as it enhances the experience.

How to use the Counter-Strike 1.6 Boost Server Buy?

Almost every server owner dreams about having a large number of gamers enjoying Counter-Strike on their server. It is very difficult to achieve such a massive number of gamers unless you switch to our CS 1.6 server boost buy service. If you have the money and are ready to invest in making your server popular, follow these steps.

  • Go to our website
  • Register your account
  • Connect your server and enjoy

Now, sit back and watch as the number of players on your server increase with time.

Prohibited servers for CS 1.6 server boost buy

No matter how efficient our servers are when it comes to increasing the number of online players on your Counter Strike server, there are some prohibitions.

  • Client files other than .cmd .exe .bat .jar .vbs .dll .com, etc.
  • Without automatic connection